Instagram for phone database strategy

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Instagram for phone database strategy

Postprzez tasmeaa201 » 1 gru 2021, o 10:50

The digital trends that are currently leading the market and, leading to the success of the companies that apply them, are the orientations to the sector that is dominating a large part of the international markets. Yes, we are referring to the millennials! This generation of potential users is changing the course of the strategies applied by companies; you well know that companies must adapt to their users, and not the other way around. Also, Social networks continue to grow, therefore, marketers have been forced to start using social networks as the main channel of communication. And within these, the one that currently seems to be leading the way in the phone database is Instagram. You will ask yourself: Why this social network and not another? In a study carried out by, it can be seen that Instagram is dominated by young people with higher education, who are connected to the internet all day and therefore have developed a high level of criticism of the brands that are on the phone database platform.

What strategy does Instagram use? The large number of brands that have decided to join Instagram to boost their phone database is due to the current visual strategy that the social network is using. You may not have noticed it, but Instagram has positioned itself thanks to the initiative to show more visual and interactive content and less static and rigid information. Today's generation (millennials) respond more to content that integrates multimedia elements; They are not at all attracted to brands that offer "boring" information, as they tend to catalog it.38% of users are using I Instagram for phone database purposes. Despite its valuable strategies, Instagram continues to hold the third position in the list of most popular apps among young people; where Facebook and Twitter are the ones who head the first places. However, Instagram has grown exponentially since its inception; for the year 2015, it rose from 17% to 26% of registered and active users. And more specifically, in Central American countries, Instagram has shown great growth, going from 19% to 38% of active users.

Remember that the Instagram boom within a phone database strategy is due to the scope of its publications and how companies can measure and analyze interactions with their users. In relation to this, the Todoinstagram website carried out a more detailed analysis of the issue where it highlighted that users on Instagram interact more than 3%, in relation to Facebook, which only has .07% interaction. For this reason, Facebook saw a great opportunity on Instagram and decided to acquire it in mid-2012. Now, the great opportunity that this social network offers to companies is to increase their digital visibility and, therefore, increase their web positioning. It is true that Facebook and Twitter have a greater number of users; But, Instagram is the one who takes control in matters of interaction, that is, the reach of the publications. If you guide your phone database strategies to increase your online presence via Instagram, you will be able to measure the impact that your publications are generating and, later, improve them to continue. Through this application you can develop a closer and more trusting relationship with your target audience, creating virtual communities.
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