New Advertising Special Database Breaks Your Old Taboos

New Advertising Special Database Breaks Your Old Taboos

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German pineiro marketing and communication consultant, ceo of virtual initiatives. Extensive training and experience... Dataday 2022 · 4th edition of the best data event for marketing the best big data speakers. Request the free special database option. Seize it! Cef.- digital marketing courses social networks, web analytics, seo and sem, creation of web pages with wordpress · what course do you need? It is nothing new. For decades, marketing and advertising professionals have designed their campaigns and actions without daring to cross (until now) a red line: their own stereotypes and taboos. And when we talk about campaigns and actions, we talk about special database a simple press release, presenting a new product or setting up a worldwide advertising campaign. It is not at all difficult to find examples of these designs and advertising messages.

You just have to search in the memory of each one (or on youtube), advertising campaigns that were successful, and that we all remember, from not too long ago. However, like life itself, the advertising mentality of companies is special database at a dizzying pace. To prove it, a couple of examples from two large companies are enough: bodyform or sue ryderla a multinational dedicated to offering Special Database palliative care services. Both companies, in their latest promotional campaigns, have normalized being able to deal, advertising, with topics that, until recently, were taboos? Such as menstruation or death. Make a fool of yourself for not disturbing the case of feminine hygiene advertisements for menstruation has been, until very recently, talking about taboos and since the 1980s, a particularly ridiculous and embarrassing approach.

Or isn't it true that, in an advertisement, to demonstrate the absorption capacity of a pad, the red color of blood had to be replaced special database a strange blue liquid? Such a very generalized way of acting was based on an unwritten rule in the advertising of these feminine intimate hygiene products: should you never use red? As much as resorting to the resource of blue has been one of the most ridiculed uses in the history of advertising. More examples of advertising absurdity blue blood replacing red, but also depilatory products that wax hairless special database legs? Cases of advertising campaigns convinced of the effectiveness of communicating with their consumers based on false and fabricated realities are (or have been) very frequent. However, as of today, many things have changed in the minds of advertising creatives?
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